Gui for prompting the user to locate one or more missing files.

class sleap.gui.dialogs.missingfiles.MissingFileTable(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Qt table view for missing files.

Arguments are passed through to the table view object.

class sleap.gui.dialogs.missingfiles.MissingFileTableModel(filenames: List[str], missing: List[bool])[source]

Qt table model for missing files.

  • filenames – Filenames to show, needn’t all be missing.

  • missing – Corresponding list, whether each file is missing.


Required by Qt.

data(index: PySide2.QtCore.QModelIndex, role=PySide2.QtCore.Qt.ItemDataRole.DisplayRole)[source]

Required by Qt.

headerData(section, orientation: <class 'PySide2.QtCore.Qt.Orientation'>, role=PySide2.QtCore.Qt.ItemDataRole.DisplayRole)[source]

Required by Qt.


Required by Qt.

class sleap.gui.dialogs.missingfiles.MissingFilesDialog(filenames: List[str], missing: List[bool] = None, replace: bool = False, allow_incomplete: bool = False, *args, **kwargs)[source]
locateFile(idx: int)[source]

Shows dialog for user to locate a specific missing file.

setFilename(idx: int, filename: str, confirm: bool = True)[source]

Applies change after user finds missing file.