Adaptor for reading/writing SLEAP datasets as HDF5 (including slp).

Note that this is not the adaptor for reading/writing the “analysis” HDF5 format.

property all_exts#

List of all file extensions supported by adaptor.


Returns whether this adaptor can read this file.

can_write_filename(filename: str)[source]#

Returns whether this adaptor can write format of this filename.

property default_ext#

The default file extension, e.g., ‘json’ (without ‘.’).

does_read() bool[source]#

Returns whether this adaptor supports reading.

does_write() bool[source]#

Returns whether this adaptor supports writing.

property handles#

Returns the type of object that can be read/written.

The Dispatch class calls this method on all registered adaptors to determine which to use for reading/writing.

property name#

Human-reading name of the file format

classmethod read(file:, video_search: Optional[Union[Callable, List[str]]] = None, match_to: Optional[] = None, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Reads the file and returns the appropriate deserialized object.

classmethod write(filename: str, source_object: object, append: bool = False, save_frame_data: bool = False, frame_data_format: str = 'png', all_labeled: bool = False, suggested: bool = False, progress_callback: Optional[Callable[[int, int], None]] = None)[source]#

Writes the object to a file.